P LED waterproof lighting fitting for indoor and outdoor applications

Waterproof lighting fittings made of high quality polycarbonate. Available in three sizes with
18 W, 36 W, 50 W.

Waterproof lighting fitting made of high quality polycarbonate. The several fixing ways and the strength of materials make P a durable and reliable solution for application in industrial and commercial areas. P is made of technopolymeric polycarbonate, stainless steel hooks for wall mounting and suspension are included in the package. The diffuser is made of optic polycarbonate and the closing hangs are included. P is available in the following sizes and powers: 730 mm and 18 W, 1335 mm and 36 W, 1635 mm and 50 W. The LED light source is available standard with 4000 K colour temperature, and with 5000 K upon request. P has an high CRI coefficient of ≥ 80.

IP Protection grade

IP 65

Protection class





220-240 V AC 50/60 Hz

Max weight

1,4 - 2,2 - 2,8 Kg


2 Years


Body in PC technopolymer. Wires for suspension in Stainless Steel AISI 304 (on request). Optical PC diffuser. Expanded silicone gaskets. Closure with safety hangs.


LED light source (lumileds) with different color temperature options (standard Natural White 4000 K, 5000 K available on request). High colour rendering coefficient CRI≥80.


Driver included.
Voltage 220-240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz.
Operating temperature -20° + 45°.
Fast-serial installation connector.


Indoor parking, offices, supermarkets, warehouse, storage areas.


Available on request 5000 K


Product codes

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Code Source Power Fitting output Light source output Temperature CRI Beam Size (mm) Datasheet IES LDT
Code Source Power Fitting output Light source output Temperature CRI Beam Size (mm) Datasheet IES LDT
L000P40DRBL20018 LED 18 W 2286 lm 2710 lm 4000 K ≥80 - 730 x 128 x 84
L000P40DRBL20036 LED 36 W 4572 lm 5420 lm 4000 K ≥80 - 1335 x 128 x 84
L000P40DRBL20050 LED 50 W 6350 lm 7528 lm 4000 K ≥80 - 1635 x 128 x 84

Download the instruction sheet here:

Available also in the versions 5000K. For different colour temperatures do not hesitate to contact us
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