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Draw The Light

Since 1960 Lanzini is a leader brand in the lighting business thanks to the products and services offered with the most advanced technologies. Part of our service is to guide our customers in the choice of innovative products, that improve final consumers life: This is our Mission.


"The light source doesn’t have to be the main actor on the scene,
but an instrument to valorize the surroundings."


Dark side of the Light

The cornerstone of our company is the capability to study our customers needs and to develop products with patented innovative technologies. Each step of the product creation is followed by qualified personnel, who use equipments only the best companies in the business can boast to have.



Design Engineering


Thanks to the skills acquired during the decades and to the structure of EP Group, that can count on an internal division dedicated to developlment of new design, Lanzini is able to offer technical and aesthetical solutions in line with the latest trend of the market. Thanks to this peculiarity, all our appliances can be integrated inside various architectures, enhancing shapes and functions.



Italian touch

To believe in our resources means to believe in the importance of human patrimony, working with people who boast to love the world, respecting the common rules and aware the progress fire won’t stop to be aflame.


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