Spalto San Marco Tennis Center

Brescia, Italy

ESC Spalti San Marco sport center, situated in Brescia, developped a new ceiling with pressostatic baloons and commissioned us the lighting installation.

LocationBrescia, Italy

The ideal lighting for the playgrounds had to guarantee a low energy consumption and improve the lighting value on the ground to be in compliance with Italian Tennis Association standard requirements for indoor competitions.
Lanzini selected Q2 model, 200W with asymmetric lens, to obtain a consumption of only 2000 Wh and an average value of 400 Lux. The chosen product is dedicated to sport facilities applications: the smaller and quicker is the play ball, the more important is the light quality.
In Tennis, considering serves up to 100 Km/h and extremely quick actions, light quality and visual comfort are essential; hence the choice to use Q2 model. It allows us to obtain an excellent uniformity with a reduced glare and a high efficient lighting.

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