Chiari Nuoto

Chiari, Italy

Chiari Nuoto began its activity in 1976 and in 2017 made a choice of principle and courage. During the last renovation works, the pool has been equipped with an eco-friendly engine and lighting system, which reduces energy consumption and provides better services with a lower environmental impact than previous installations.

LocationChiari, Italy

Attention to the environment and to eco-sustainability are a priority for Chiari Nuoto. The philosophy that guides the staff is to offer a structure and an environment more and more respectful of the nature and the ecosystem that surrounds us: this is the main reason for choosing Lanzini LED floodlights.
In the renovated building we used three different lighting fixtures. On the main pool the Q series in 85 W configuration with symmetrical optics has given excellent results both in terms of light uniformity and glare. The system configured in this way guarantees the safety of the users, with adequate lighting and control of the reflection on the water, a very important detail to allow the personnel to quickly rescue a swimmer in difficulty. In the area of ​​the "Hydro-massage play pool" 4 lamps have been integrated in the Q series, but in a RGB configuration, in order to obtain the chromotherapy. The on / off setting and the play of lights are controlled by remote control. The L series products were used in the changing rooms, chosen for modern design and high lighting efficiency.

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