Campalto Gallery

Campalto (VE)

Lanzini cared the illumination of San Martino road gallery, the main work of the alternative to the passing through Campalto road in the Municipality of Venice: officially inaugurated by Anas on 16th July 2020, it will allow to reduce the traffic towards Campalto, in the vicinity of Marco polo airport, deflecting the passage of heavy and commercial vehicles.

LocationCampalto (VE)
ProjectIlluminazione Galleria San Martino S.S.14 Triestina
CommitMeb Elettroforniture
AreaGallery leght 75m, width 16.5 m, height 6

The project required the permanent lighting of a road gallery, long 75m and high 6 m, with the two-way running direction. To obtain the ideal illumination and respect the safety requirements of the road network were used:
n. 32 GT3 floodlights 360 W power, Dimmable, with colour temperature 5700 K, H3 optics, mounted with a 300 mm duct connection at a constant 4.50 m distance.
n.14 GMT floodlights 40 W power, DALI, with colour temperature 5700 K, H2 optics mounted with 300 mm duct connection at a constant 11 m distanc

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