Marullo Sports Center - Despar Stadium


The Marullo Sports Center - Despar Stadium in Messina planned to replace traditional technology lighting fixtures in favor of LED products designed specifically for use in sports environments, during some renovation works.


The Marullo Sports Center - Despar Stadium is located in a neighborhood of Messina. It is especially known from football point of view, being home to the S.S.D. Camaro 1969 team.
Lighting the player and making him the protagonist were the key points for the choice of the product; hence the choice to use floodlights of the R series, more specifically R2 Double, with 600 W configuration (300 W x 2) and a symmetrical 60 ° optic, placed on 20mt high 4 towers, each on them situated at 8 mt from the corner and 1.5 mt from the lateral line. This type of configuration has a value of 400 lux and a uniformity value of 0.73.

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