Lanzini is back!

Lanzini is back! - 0

Lanzini reborns with new goals and new ideas.

2017 is the year of the great return of the brand Lanzini: a new property, a new location and a new mentality are the basis of the revival of one of the historic brands of Italian lighting. The confluence into Gruppo EP Spa brought at Lanzini’s disposal a first class Research and Development department, whose experience grew step by step during 60 years of the company’s history. EP’s know-how and Lanzini’s experience in the lighting field gave life to a new important range of products, both industrial and architectural, all based on the vanguard of the LED technology. The result of one year and a half of the backstage work performed by our technicians, designers and lighting experts is proudly collected in the Professional and Architectural catalogs. Beside those already displayed in the catalogs, various new products, which will complete Lanzini’s offer, are in phase of development and tests.
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