Concessionaria Opel Franceschi

Trento (Italia)

The Opel Franceschi Car Dealer in Trento choose to replace traditional technology lighting fixtures in favor of LED products during some renovation workings.

LocationTrento (Italia)
CommitGiacca S.r.l.

Two different floodlights were used outside the renovated building: The Q in 100 W configuration with symmetrical 60 ° optics and Q2 in asymmetrical 55 ° optics. The system thus configured guarantees adequate lighting for the display of cars.
The T series products were used inside the building, in particular T2 in 200 W configuration with symmetrical 90 ° optics; Fixed XXL in 43 W configuration with 50 ° optics; LED Panel Q in 40 W configuration.
These floodlights perfectly combine high energy consumptions with a clean design and guarantee adequate lighting for both the exhibition area and the offices.

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