The Goniofotometer or Photogonometer

The Goniofotometer or Photogonometer - 0

Lanzini photo-goniometer is an essential instrument for the realization of the lamps.

The photo-goniometer it’s an essential instrument for all the companies who, like Lanzini, produce LED lighting fittings. It is used to estimate the luminous intensities emitted by the luminaires and to evaluate their distribution in the space. The main goal is to control the photometric curves of the lighting fixtures. All these instruments are completely automatic and managed by softwares for the measurements and visualization of photometric values, management of the angles of detection and speed of rotation. The photometric data are then collected and re-elaborated in graphic form on cartesian coordinates and polar diagram. Furthermore, they’re saved in a file to be available for the use during the phase of the lighting design, both for the interiors and the exteriors. From this, one senses how much important it is, in the modern method of design, for this information to be as much accurate and reliable as possible: the correspondence between the result of the project and the result in the phase of the detection and testing of the installed lighting system. By means of the photometric data of our lighting fittings, we can elaborate in the best way and with maximal accuracy, the lighting calculations realized internally by our lighting designers with the programs DiaLux and ReLux.
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