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Examples of use

Parkings - Roads - Pedestrian zones - Industrial Areas


Streetlight in die-cast aluminium with a very efficient optic.
Body and adjustment support in die-cast aluminium.
Grey metalized painting made by means of polyester powders.
Flat transparent tempered heat and shock-proof glass of 5 mm thick.
Silicone gaskets.
Multi-facetted street optic in pure brite 99,85% and high-efficient aluminium.
Cut-off emission.
Ratio height / interdistance of the poles 3,8.
In accordance with the most restrictive laws for the reduction of the lighting pollution.
Comply with the current Italian and European regulation related to the photometric performances of the street lighting fittings ( UNI 11248; UNI EN 13201-2-3-4).
Max flexibility of installation thanks to the adjustable lamp holder: distribution of the lighting flux in 8 photometric curves.
On request, it is available a high performance optic in pure aluminium super brite 99,90%, efficiency: 75%.
External nuts and screws in inox steel.
Fitting suitable both for installation on horizontal and vertical poles, with diameter from Ø 76mm to Ø 60mm.
Fitting inclination: from -5° to +15° on vertical pole and from -15° to +5° on horizontal pole.
Body opening system by a front clip.
Arm for opening limitation at 90° to assure the security during the installation and the maintenance.
Open by turning the upper body toward the pavement.
Supporting plate in thermoplastic material for electric accessories, removable without tools and provided with rapid connectors.
First brand electrical components: electro-mechanical ballast, superimposed or pulse ignitor, capacitor with discharge resistance. Ceramic lamp holder E40, or PGZ12.
Tinned copper cables with silicone sheath.
Thermo-plastic switch.
Streetlight in insulation class II. Insulation class I on request.
Protection degree IP66.
Fitting provided with power reduction device realized by the commutation of inductances into the fitting by power commutators that need the insertion or the cutting off in the control phase. The power commutation works without turning the discharge lamp off and it does not influence its life.
Fittings provided with electronic ballast: with capacitor and starter incorporated, available also for the use of the compact metal halide lamp Philips Cosmo White CPO-TW.

Available models
CodeColourN. LampsNominal powerCurrentConnectionLampArmsLengthDiameterHeightSilting installationPlateLDTDXFIstr.PDF
29853 n 100 W Protezione Termica1.2 AE40ST / SON-TLDTPdfPdf
29854 n 150 W Protezione Termica1.8 AE40ST / SON-TLDTPdfPdf
29855 n 250 W Protezione Termica3 AE40ST / SON-TLDTPdfPdf
29856 n 250 W Protezione Termica2.15 AE40MT / HPI-T PlusLDTPdfPdf
29857 n 400 W Protezione Termica4.4 AE40ST / SON-TLDTPdfPdf
29858 n 400 W Protezione Termica3.25 AE40MT / HPI-T PlusLDTPdfPdf
CodeColourN. LampsNominal powerCurrentConnectionLampArmsLengthDiameterHeightSilting installationPlateLDTDXFIstr.PDF
29859 n 150 W Protezione Termica1.8 AE40ST / SON-TLDTPdfPdf
29860 n 90 W Protezione Termica0.97 APGZ12MT / CPO - TWLDTPdfPdf
29861 n 140 W Protezione Termica1.49 APGZ12MT / CPO - TWLDTPdfPdf
CodeColourN. LampsNominal powerCurrentConnectionLampArmsLengthDiameterHeightSilting installationPlateLDTDXFIstr.PDF
29862 n 100/70 W Protezione TermicaE40ST / SON-TLDTPdfPdf
29863 n 150/95 W Protezione TermicaE40ST / SON-TLDTPdfPdf
29864 n 250/125 W Protezione TermicaE40ST / SON-TLDTPdfPdf
29865 n 400/250 W Protezione TermicaE40ST / SON-TLDTPdfPdf
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